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Measurement Parameters

Opton-60-VNotch is special purpose machine for V-Notch measurement as per ASTM standard “ASTM E23”. The detailed measurement parameters are as follows:
Parameter Name Required Values Measurement Resolution of system
Specimen Length 55 mm (+0, -2.5 mm) 0.04 mm
Specimen Length 10 mm (+/-0.075 mm) 0.02 mm
V-Notch Position 27.5 mm (+/-1 mm) 0.04 mm
Specimen Thickness 10 mm (+/-0.0.075 mm) 0.02 mm
V-Notch Angle 45 deg (+/-1 deg) 0.2 deg
V-Notch Radius 0.25 mm (+/-0.025 mm) 0.005 mm
V-Notch Depth 2 mm (+/-0.025 mm) 0.005 mm
Depth below V-Notch 8 mm (+/-0.025 mm) 0.05 mm

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Magnification 1 (15 X) Magnification 2 (90 X)
 Measurement Time
As mentioned above, there are 2 magnifications in the machine. By changing the knob, this magnification can be changed. Also, to measure the Width and the Thickness the component needs to be rotated by 90 degrees.
Thus, there 3 measurement sets as described below:
Set Number Component Position Knob Position Measurement Parameters
1 V-Notch visible on screen Magnification 1 (15 X) Specimen Length
Specimen Width
V-Notch Position
2 V-Notch visible on screen Magnification 2 (90 X) V-Notch Angle
V-Notch Radius
V-Notch Depth
Depth below V-Notch
3 V-Notch not visible on screen (90 degree rotated component at same position) Magnification 1 (15 X) Specimen Thickness
Each of the above measurement set will take 2 seconds to measure the dimensions after button click.
 Overall Specifications
The overall specifications for OPTON-60-VNotch are as follows:
Model OPTON-60-VNotch
Camera* CMOS, Sony 2/3" chip
Lens Dual magnification (15X and 90X)
Magnifications Dual (15x, 90x)
Field of view * 64 x 48 mm (for 15x) and 10x7 mm (for 90x)
Illumination Back Light Illumination - LED Ring array (White / Green Light)
V-Notch Measurement Parameters With 15x Magnification
• Total Length, Width, V-Notch Position, Thickness
With 90x Magnification
• V-Notch Angle, V-Notch Radius, V-Notch Depth, Depth below V-Notch

Operating ambient temperature 10 - 60 deg C
Operating ambient humidity 20% to 60% RH (no condensation)
Power Supply 220 VAC, 50 Hz (Single phase)
Weight * Approx 25 kg
Dimensions * 350 x 350 x 970 mm

* Specification may change in future.
Note: PC is not considered in the scope of supply.
The specifications of the PC should be as mentioned below:

Intel Core 2duo processor, 1.6 GHZ, Windows XP / 7 OS (32/64 bit), 2 GB RAM and free USB2.0 port (minimum 1)

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